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Over the years, the Fine Group has designed and manufactured for the Industrial market. Probably, more than any other market in which we operate, this is the most diverse and embraces products for the specific Rail and Transport, Airline, Electrical Goods, Military Electrical Equipment Suppliers and Telecommunications sectors. The Fine Group has developed the Ripsafe™ system specifically for this sector providing a release system to protect users from serious injury. Details of the Ripsafe™ can be accessed by clicking here.
Specifically for the Transport sector we design and manufacture textile solutions for Rail, Sea and Air, both freight and passenger operators. Partnering these companies we ensure that the end products can withstand demanding environments and meet all relevant safety and performance standards. The continued success of our FineTrax ™ range of carry bags and safety equipment for trackside, drivers cabins, service and maintenance workers is a testament to our understanding of the specific requirements of the Rail industry.
Likewise we also produce Transit Bags, Safety Equipment, Emergency Escape Bags, Crew Bags, Uniform Accessories and Emergency Oxygen Carry Systems for Sea and Air Operating Companies.
Almost inevitably, the products manufactured for the Industrial sector have to be hardwearing and heavy-duty for use in abrasive, challenging environments or for the transportation of heavy weights. We also manufacture a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing for the Industrial sector. Our Industrial products range includes:


  • Bag Guard
  • Bag Patrolman
  • Carriage Key Holder
  • COSS Armband
  • COSS Armlet
  • COSS Plastic Armband
  • Crane Controller Plastic Armband
  • Crane Supervisor Armlet
  • Despatch Bag
  • D P Armband
  • Engineering Armband
  • Engineering Armlet
  • Engineering Supervisor Plastic Armband
  • First Aid Supplementary Bag
  • Guards Leather Equipment Bag
  • Hand Signal Kit Bag
  • Lookout Armband
  • Lookout Armlet
  • Lookout Kit Bag
  • Lookout Plastic Armband
  • Machine Controller Plastic Armband
  • Mishap Controller Armlet
  • PC Plastic Armband - White background, Green text
  •  Person In Charge Machinery Plastic Armband
  •  Person In Charge Possession Armband
  • Person In Charge Possession Armlet
  • Person In Charge Possession Plastic Armband
  • Person In Charge Works Armlet
  • Person In Charge Works Plastic Armband
  • Personal Protective Equipment Bag
  • Pilotman Sleevelet
  • Pouch Key Token
  • Protection Controller Armlet
  • PW Groundsman
  • Site Warden Armband
  • Site Warden Plastic Armband

Emergency Response

  • Bags

Padded Covers

  • Electrical Equipment Protection


  • Cash
  • Handset
  • Headphones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Radios

Protective Bags

  • Padded Bags

Tool Bags

  • Electrician’s Bag
  • Tool Bag Canvas Tan
  • Tool Bag Leather Tan (355 x 150 x 150mm)
  • Tool Bag Leather Tan (380 x 150 x 130mm)
  • Tool Bag Leather Tan (455 x 175 x 175mm)
  • Tool Bag Leather Tan (420 x 230 x 140mm)
  • Tool Bag Linesman
  • Tool Kit Bag Point Care

Tool Wallets

  • Bag Glass Fibre Poles
  • Bag Polythene Handmade
  • Bag Refuse Carriage Cleaners
  • Canvas Bag for Rubber Gloves
  • Carriage Cleaners Bag
  • Carrying Gauge Wallet
  • Conductors Cash Collection Bag
  • Conductor/ Guard Briefcase
  • Driver’s Bag
  • Driver’s Equipment Bag
  • Driver’s Rucksack
  • Guard’s Equipment Bag
  • Guard’s Leather Satchel
  • Inspector’s Day Bag
  • Platelayer’s Bag
  • RipSafe™ Quick Release Rucksack 50/721
  • Short Circuit Rucksack
  • SSI bag Large
  • SSI Bag Small
  • Tool Wallet Leather No 3
  • Tool Wallet Leather No 6
  • Welder’s Tool Bag

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