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Waterproof Radio Bags

Waterproof Radio BagsFine Group was commissioned to re-engineer or design a range of fully waterproof bags to carry and protect radios, even when fully immersed. While the existing product met the specification, manufacture was very complicated, with a lot of handwork, and consequent high product costs.
The specification was for the bags to be 100% waterproof including the zip openings tested up to a pressure of 2 atmospheres. The bags must fit the required radio systems, survive demanding treatment and environmental pressures.
Fine Group identified an alternative material which enables the bags to be welded securely in just one operation, completely eliminating the need for additional hand working. An improved new zip was also sourced; it proved to meet the specification. Finally, tests showed that the complete assemblies met pressure tests and were as comfortable in use as the previous version. Fine Group undertook design, development and bulk manufacture in the UK.

Updated: 10/8/2009 16:18
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