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Photographer’s Lighting Kit Bag

Stills and portrait photographers need to transport lighting, filters, cables, tripods and reflective umbrellas on location. Fine Group was asked to design a bag that is able to carry heavy equipment, be hard-wearing, weatherproof, and take knocks from airport conveyor belts and escalators.
At the same time, the bag must still be portable by one person, simple to pack and adjustable to accommodate different lighting kits. It must also be easily recognisable (through branding or the design itself). The specification also stipulated that the bag must be as small as possible so it does not occupy too much storage space, and also to minimise costs.
Fine Group offered six basic designs. One was chosen and developed into initial prototypes to enable the customer to gauge market acceptance. Adjustable internal fitments were designed to protect the contents, while optional wheels were added to the design for easier handling when fully loaded.
Finally, the bag was engineered so that it could be packed flat for shipping in bulk from Fine Group’s factory in China. Even with the bag’s complexity, high materials and manufacturing standards, as well as extensive design and development in UK, Fine Group was able to meet the customer’s price point.

Updated: 10/8/2009 16:13
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