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Civilian Aircraft Oxygen Carry System

Civilian Aircraft Oxygen Carry SystemAviation regulations stipulate how portable oxygen equipment for passengers and crew must be carried and stowed. The specification was for a solution that accommodated a range of cylinder sizes and fitted into designated storage areas in a number of different aircraft.
The carry systems must allow the oxygen cylinders to be easily deployed and carried comfortably, then mounted close to a seated passenger. Materials must conform to CAA regulations through being highly flame-retardant, and the whole assembly must be as lightweight as possible to aid fuel economy.
Fine Group worked with the valve and regulator manufacturer to design a range of bags. The resulting systems – designed, developed and manufactured in the UK – are now in service with commercial airlines:
  • Stowage bag for secure storage and protection of 3 x 2-litre passenger oxygen units
  • Single cylinder bag for 2-litre passenger oxygen unit
  • In-flight cylinder bag with mask pocket, featuring a support system designed to fit securely on to the back of the seat in front, next to the passenger’s legs
  • Therapeutic ‘pre-booked’ oxygen bag - for two complete oxygen units Oxygen cylinder harness and mask pouch - for crew emergency use

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