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Anti-Static Instrument Case

The case is for a measuring instrument used in ‘intrinsically safe’ environments, such as chemical and offshore installations. Highlights of the specification included a snug fit for the instruments, yet with full access to the controls and a clear view of the screen. The case must be easily carried, and the materials anti-static.
Fine Group’s investigation into materials yielded two options for the case body – padded, man-made textiles or specially coated leather. Whichever construction was chosen, the design would utilise the same non-static clear window material.
Samples were made using both the potential materials, and then the prototypes were subjected to extensive testing. Results showed that both met the specifications, so the choice was left to the customer. Their preference was for the leather version, which was manufactured in the UK to achieve the required lead times.

Updated: 10/8/2009 15:42
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